COB LED RDWC Medical Cannabis Grow: HARVEST VIDEO!!! – S1 E10

The Monster Cropped Red Diesel by Barneys Farm decided that she was done. The strain is a 7 to 9 week flowering strain and she finished much closer to the 7 …


  1. nice grow man, FYI the hygrometer only measures inside RH. I noticed you are using the out sensor inside the tent. So although you are getting the Temp reading from inside the tent in "OUT" mode, you are actually getting the RH for the outside of the tent. The RH sensor is inside the unit. It kind of sucks but that what i found out/

  2. High !
    I just stumbled upon your channel. So far this is the only video of yours that I have watched.
    I'm Not hating but strongly disagree with something you said you are doing.
    I also grow RDWC, in hydro stones, the jagged ones like lava rock.
    But I do not buy new ones every time, as you say ,they are only around $30. & that's not much… right.
    But here is some food for thought for you.
    I spent $ 40 on my rocks in 1992 and I am still using the same ones.
    If I would have replaced them every time & added up the cost since 1992, I would be able to buy a second home.

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