Can Medical Marijuana Cure Opioid Addiction?[Interview] | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Did you know that 44 people in the United States die every day from an opioid overdose? If you include heroin, that number goes up to 78 deaths every single …


  1. I lost a leg in a underground mining accident,doctor had me on oxycontin for over 10 years,i stopped cold turkey,got tired of finding a doctor ,,,,,but the cbd helped and continue to helps me,,,i here you bro,stay strong live long

  2. I was also addicted to opiates. 8 years on methadone and I hit a tough spot tapering. I finally found using cannabis to help my taper, and anxiety.
    My addiction… haha, most people don't believe this about me now but I did 10 years in prison in my 20s because of it and my actions to get those drugs.
    I have scoliosis and a congenital spinal deformity that causes nerve pain in my tailbone and sciatica.
    While addiction is tough, I am finding through years in a program and my own experience that cannabis should be the first option. totally natural and now edibles help me sleep and relax my back muscles as well smoking helps withdrawal symptoms (caveat you need to be used to smoking, and it may be uncomfortable to start when in withdrawal with certain strains. don't try with full withdrawal, possible anxiety can make it worse. research, try a good THC/CBD ratio to help with anxiety.
    dude, I have returned to school and become a software developer, bought a home…
    It wasn't easy and Cannabis isn't the whole answer. It is helping me get off methadone, and anxiety meds.
    Stay up, beat it brother. my family and their friends dropping like flies around Detroit from what they are calling heroin.

  3. I had the same surgery l5s1 now im on ssi been on it since my surgery in 2009 and been on NORCO 10/325. And i need to smoke urbs to feel better and i try to stop but my pain is to intence and now dr trys to drug test for MARIJUANA had to pass the test or they will just cut you off just like that i tryed motrin ibuprofen it just gives me a ulcer makes my stomach hurt nothing works but NORCO with marijuana. Weed ALONE just takes the edge off but not enough to get me up and do my dad dutties.. Im the house dad stay at home my wife is a teacher and i can tell you alot of teachers approve of it .

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