5 Things to Avoid When Quitting Drugs

5 Things to Avoid When Quitting Drugs. In this video I go through 5 things to avoid when quitting drugs, be it smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, …


  1. Thank you I have been struggling with lean aka syrup, smoking weed, pills which makes me numb and ciggreets everyday for the past few years. I have lost mostly everthing in life everthing in life. Thank you for the content I appreciate your knowledge and making an impact on me i truely appreciate.

    It may be better if there was content on being spiritual and giving yourself to GOD.

    Karma yes it is my real name

  2. This is very helpful..I have been taking cough syrup codeine for almost 8 years but just one bottle 120ml per day..just to have a relax in mind and to forgot those stress I have inside of me..from today I'm going to quit slowly..but when I stop taking..I cannot sleep properly..back pain, running nose,feeling bore,cough,fever and etc. my English is not that really good therefore try to understand ok?

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