2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 35 * Harvest for some of our Newest Testers!

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  1. Yo Vader I wanted to know if you buy seeds and what company do you use? Also I see you are breeding. Do you sell your seeds and if not how come you don’t? Mackdaddy from London 🙂

  2. My jawas have this AWESOME lime cream smell or lile lime vanilla its way better than i expected. I had figured id get a lil citrus and alot of cookie and maybe the rift strangeness but its way more lime and a lil cookie. They look really key lime dom too. This cross really showed the parents well. I dont always see traits so pronounced from parents in the progeny. I am very impressed. Side note the station that nerd made is ofd the chain and the man o war from shrimp too the alpha packs i got i split w my buddy gilbert duMotier who has them on his channel and they really showed the bruce banner 3. All in all the new stuff is very good and shows the selection u have done cause they all seem to shine. Sorry for the book comment well done.

  3. I have to say I ran a lot of your key lime strains and all of them have produced dense to extremely dense flowers. Definitely love the flavors. Never ran into a fluffy or over stretched phenos.

  4. way awsome man props on making such great vids i hope to be there one day but i would say id rather be a better grower before a great video maker lol but your both any how dont for get to check me out ppl im just getting started stay tuned

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