Why I stopped smoking WEED!!!

Story of why I decided to stop smoking marijuana. I hope it encourages all the viewers to think about the choicest they make and to put God first. Other Channel: …


  1. Having a healthy clear mind brings back the self-confidence which is regretfully lost. Whether it's based on fear, or simply to return to your old self, being mentally strong and healthy is something else. Maybe a method, like the one mentioned in Nemery Thentel’s website can help you achieve just that.

  2. Those earrings are super cute! I wasn’t around weed smoking like that until I went to college also. I never indulged, but it definitely would’ve been easy to obtain. Good luck to you on your journey. That’s great that you did this video to kinda document your progress. Yeah from what I’ve heard, it can get very expensive. But I mean any outlet is. I feel like anyone that’s done weed, it can be a gateway to something harder so I am so happy that you were able to stop. I’ve seen peers of mine start out and are doing a lot of different things now and just really wasting their money on it. I was the same way w/alcohol. I never drunk until college and even all of freshman year I didn’t. But sophomore-senior year I did drink often. It wasn’t until after graduation I realized that I didn’t need it to have fun or turn up lol. Great vid girl.

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