1. I was hit with sarcoidosis about 10 years ago. I ended up in the hospital for two weeks, fortunately they were on the ball and diagnosed it quickly. But there is no cure, they just throw steroids at the problem. I hope Rush isn’t getting all of his medicine from smoking, because the disorder is notorious for affecting the lungs. My sister has crohns and had to quit her high paying job because of it. Great genetics eh?.

  2. Thanks Rush and JJ, I know all to well what it's like to have an auto immune disease. One thing you said at the end " fuck this flare up" is so true. I think I have been forgetting to say that to much lately. Thx for the reminder.

  3. Great video. It is so important to raise awareness of rare diseases and talk openly about how cannabis can benefit the patients. Nice work fellas and prayers that you both find comfort from your pain.

  4. Was diagnosed with this in 2003, after they thought I had cancer. It does mimic other diseases. For me, it was on my spleen, then lungs and eyes.Thanks for sharing Rush Rydah

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