1. Glad your son doing well. You spoke about RV'ing full-time one day, us too, and actively working at it. Check out KEEP YOUR DAYDREAM channel. Is a whole family, beautiful and funny and informative just like you and your beautiful crew. They have 3 kids and dogs and are touring all over. So glad I found your channel, you're wonderful ! Pssst, ilove what they ate, I don't even have kids, lol … I

  2. Those rose gold ears are adorable! That spiced apple toddy wallflower sounds good. I've not seen those exfoliating hand soaps with tea tree. I'm loving the newer bottle designs B&BW are using. I might need to head in there because I need some air fresheners. The letter board is cute to have in the back drop of your videos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So glad you mentioned Jackson, I had been thinking and praying 🙏 about him this month and wondering how the surgery went! I am so glad to hear everything went well! 😊❤️💙💜

  4. I've enjoyed your channel over the last few months. Looking forward to your December posts. Congratulations on finding the rose gold Minnie ears AND on your growing subscriber pool. :o)

  5. Long time viewer, first time commenting. I’d love if you’d share more Disney content. If I remember correctly, I found your channel through a Disneyland hotel review. Thanks for the great content!

  6. Love your channel! You’re a lovely person, Jennifer. I to love Bath and Body, and the Happy Planner. I’m going to Hobby Lobby to get one of those signs. ❤️ Looking forward to your December videos. Take care and Merry Christmas.🎄🤶🏻🎅🏼

  7. I like watching favorite things videos too. I took up some of your suggestions for Christmas gift ideas from the DT too. Thanks for sharing. You do such a great job in your videos. I love how happy and creative you are!

  8. Your family is just so sweet. We love your tag line that you're also full of nuts. By the was you may have loved your mashed potatoes, they looked delish but omg the enchilada was yummy

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