1. I'm suffering from BPD, OCD and depression…I can confirm that weed has a tendency to bring the crazy out of me. It's hard to quit tho because it does seem to create a vicious cycle where you smoke to not feel like crap but once it wears off (for me) I feel even more like crap so I gotta smoke some more….ugh

  2. I'm prone to anxiety, anger issues and depression, it seems to run in my family. Really weird seeing I'm a happy, social guy.

    First few times I smoked weed it was fun and made me laugh. Then one of my friends got me to smoke two joints of rather potent skunk(which I later found out was laced with adderol and anti depressants). Fun for about two minutes. Then every problem with me, including violent, anti social tendencies showed up. Just starting to get better after a whole year. I'll NEVER smoke again.

    I am still pro-marijuana. It's not for me though.

  3. Weed in general is a low grade hallucinogen in the long run it wil mess you up at some it happens fast at others maiby after 50 years you never know its like russian roulette

    People who protect weed are addicted just grow the fuck up your just a junkie/hippie

    And weed is nothing spiritual so dont act like your some god damn fucking budha guru all u weed smokers are the same…. Weed just opens doors for demonic spirits who will mess up your life and turn you crazy

    You guys need jesus the bible
    Or allah the koran

    Fucking have faith in god instead of doing new age satanic cult shit
    You junkies are fucking playing with fire

    Grow some fucking balls and pray too god you fucking low life hippies

  4. Big props to you for speaking on a topic like this. Most you tubers with a even bigger platform are scared of blacklash, not getting as many views as possible, or even getting demonetized. It’s unfortunate that’s videos like this won’t give you views and traffic but even you stating that at the beginning you still made the video knowing the pros outway the cons. Informing people on this rather then being to scared to share you’re opinion and receiving negative. Keep up the good content!

  5. I been dealing with depression for years and I feel like it’s becoming popular to be depressed. I see a lot of youth using it as a excuse to act a certain way and take a lot of drugs. They see artist like XXXtentacion made a whole album about depression and they think it’s cool when it’s not. Depression is not a joke

  6. Good for the info man. Yea I got mental illness so yea I dont like dat shit I know ppl dat do it n they have shit to but it helps them so yea I don't like it. Dats for sure shit I'm allergic to lot of plants n shit so probably dat to cuz its a plant lol

  7. Recently experienced this very thing. Was smoking, everything was cool and BOOM! Lost control of my mind and thoughts ran rampant. I was real deal panicking. I didn't think much of this before. Smoking with friends and family was normal but then this happen. Now, I don't want anything to do with that shit. I cant. I've never experienced a trip like that…a panic attack? From marijuana? A year ago I would've laughed at the thought. "But there's so many health benefits" yeah right…If I wasn't the person I am I prolly wouldn't have came back from that shit…crazy enough, this happened a week ago and I still don't feel the same frfr.. Thank you for shinning light on this. We appreciate you πŸ™

  8. Ricky, it really depends on the strain too tbh. When you said you had racing thoughts I immediately knew you must have had a Sativa dominant strain. Indica is known for relaxing highs and may even help you sleep but Sativa is more known as a stimulant and gives you that head high. I feel like it just depends on the your knowledge of marijuana to know what it is you need for treatment. Love your videos man <3

  9. Love it Waffles. TV got ppl fucked up and believing it’s all glamorous. Weed can trigger a lot of shit, you gotta be safe. Don’t smoke with just strangers and unknown shit. I don’t drink regularly either but I am pro weed for anybody who wants it and is safe about it. Do you’re research before consuming anything. Great insight.

  10. Good video.

    The worse part of the governmental debacle I like to call β€œthe war to legalize marijuana” is that one side has taught people marijuana is as safe as candy, and non-addictive, the other side teaches people it’s a gateway drug, on par with heroine. Both sides are horrifically wrong, but have unfortunately propagated these false narratives just to push their agendas through. Now people believe theses things as facts, and both sides have done way more harm in this then good. 😞

    Legalize, educate, regulate, and enjoy responsibility.

  11. As someone who's been battling high anxiety/panic attacks for the past 7 years I wish I listened to a video like this earlier in my youth… Real shit, I'm pro marijuana too… that shit helped me overcome the pain that comes with pancreatitis but unfortunately you could abuse marijuana also… ESPECIALLY if you already suffering with mental health issues you gotta be extremely careful… My pancreatitis triggered a deep depression and unfortunately I wouldn't stop sparking up… until I started connecting the dots and comparing how I act when I'm not stoned to when I am… I stopped burning about a month ago… And Shit, yes lol unfortunately I'm still sufferring depression, but the depression went down a lot… I mean before I couldn't find the energy to get out of bed but now I'm working out again, going back to school etc… It was because the THC would cancel out my meds and trigger high anxiety… Which is why my depression was so much stronger before… But ayye you live you learn and hopefully after someone watches this video they may heed my warning too.

  12. I suffer from anxiety/depression .Man I was just getting peer pressured to smoke weed since they also have depression and they said it helps. Thanks for making me aware of this I don't want to smoke weed and I don't intent to aswell.

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