1. Yay Siya!! Glad you're back! Marijuana is legal now in my home state of Massachusetts and also just recently in my college state, Vermont! Although we all knew we were "green" already lol

  2. « I don’t see lettuce and tomato sales stop bullying » Hahahaha! This is incredible timing. I was in Punta Zicatela on the oaxacan coast in Mexico, and found a cannabis tincture in a natural shop. I have been taking 5 drops before bed and it makes me so relaxed 😌 I also had a huge headache from being under the sun too long and within seconds it got rid of it. I love CBD, it’s such a great plant.

  3. I'm a supporter. I believe in the power of marijuana and especially CBD. I think it's a vital part of many people's lives and is doing a lot of good. I'm glad that more people are able to get proper access to it who really need it.

  4. I totally don't think it's gateway drug at all. I have been waiting to get it legalized for a loooong time ! Very interesting information ! Woah Women Rocks ! I sure would like to own hemp house. Yeas your mike stand sure works much better. I enjoyed your video ! Have a great week you guys ! 😀

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