1. Today is 17 days without smoking but I couldn't have done it with vaping however I hardly use it as much anymore then when I 1st stopped but I have to have it by my side or at least no exactly where it is.. thus far I feel good….I can tell u for a fact that I got off drugs much easier then smoking .

  2. I am an addict, I have a genetic predisposition. I learned it from my primary care givers. I grew up around smoking, drinking, drug using crazies. These are the things I told myself for years, and they are mostly true.
    I call my family the C.I.A, Catholic Irish Alcoholics, with all of the incumbent behaviors.
    Stopped smoking over 2 years ago and went to vape, I thought it would fade, but it hasn't. Nicotine is hardcore, perhaps the hardest. Doc, it's tough to hear you speak the truth about this topic, yet here I sit still hooked. If you want the story behind big tobacco there is a movie with Russell Crowe called the insider. He plays the scientist who worked on Amonium Chemistry, nicotine delivery, and the blood brain barrier. The only thing vaping has taught me is the slightest amount of delayed gratification.
    The patches give you INTENSE dreams, as well as all day delivery. This is a great video Doc. Thank you for calling me out, and challenging me. It is tough but truly appreciated.

  3. thanks. that's "news i can use"
    i am a many times failed no-smoker. the biggest obstacle i have is psychological. i have a very anti-authority, defiant personality. i struggle with the notion of stopping smoking as buckling to "the man".
    i have to work on that and get over it

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