► Weekly Cannabis Stock Breakdown 4/13/2018 – Technical Analysis of Hot Marijuana Stocks

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  1. Think of two guys with $10k to spend on a hypothetical MJ stock:

    Person A: buys a stock knowing it'll go up in a year, 1000 shares at $10. The stock drops to $6 and then from there on ends the year at $15. Person A's investment is now $15000, a decent gain.

    Person B: same thing, buys 1000 shares at $10. Person B though sells it at $8, taking a $2000 loss. He then waits, sees the stock drop to $6 and then buys it at its up run at $7, so $8000/7 = ~1150 shares. At the end of the year, he sells it at $15 as well but he makes $17250 instead!

    I know buying and selling isn't for everyone but if you can become a more proactive investor instead of spamming HODL, you can make some decent gains.

    More on topic, I bought back in on Thursday and I'm not sure if it's a bottom either but I think we'll see a decent run up in the upcoming week.

  2. FOMO we don't need no stinking FOMO 🙂 After watching your vids religiously for a few months, and understanding your day trading perspective, I started day trading Aphria this week. In and out and made a nice profit. Thank you for the conditioning! Still long on MJ and continue to add to my positions for the long term.. Thanks Coach. Long and strong on my core investments and swing trading a couple for short term profit!

  3. Great videos. I watch them every week. Thank you!

    I'm curious, if these stock look like they have bottomed out and upside is coming, why wouldn't an investor want to get in now? What would you want to see before thinking about going long on these?

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