Inside the struggle for legal weed

Marijuana is now legal in California – but the weed industry is going through serious growing pains. A costly permitting process, a thriving black market, and a …


  1. What's up with them saying they are using bad pesticides and chemicals and not showing it. I understand we should not allow illegal grows, and a lot of them do have a disregard for the environment. But seems like they always make that claim when it's not necessarily true. Also what's up with the cops asking CNN if they want to help cut down the plants. These are lazy officers, disrespectful, not vices job to help them do their job. Thought it was a joke, but then you can hear someone saying " we have shovels"…

  2. This black market problem exists partly because other states haven't legalized yet, but it also has to do with with California, like always, having heavy-handed regulations and high taxes on the newly legalized market. At least drop the taxes substantially at all levels of government and this problem will go away. Legalize and tax (barely) because black market dealers don't tax you and the potency/tech innovations is all that is keeping anyone in the legal market

  3. Im not personally a fan of the substance, but I personally feel the federal enforcement of the law is unconstitutional. The 10th ammendment laid out that any responsibilities that were not delegated to the federal government in the Constitution must be delegated to the states. The controlling of substances is not a responsibility of the federal government. As long as you smoke it in your own home and its legal in your state, I have no qualms with someone using marijuana

  4. You guys need to cover the Oklahoma legal marijuana problem. They voted to have medical marijuana then after the vote they changed the bill to where we basically voted on it not happening.

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