How to Cure Marijuana

Here is a video where we get into the nitty gritty of a quality cure for cannabis flowers. In all honesty, it takes time and experience to really refine ones …


  1. Scott, I've dried mine and have trimmed and my buds are in jars for 1 day, I checked this morning to burp it and my buds aren't dry like they were, they aren't damp or wet but they aren't dry, is this normal for the curing process or should I dry them for another couple of days and try again.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Alot know it alls in comments, why u looking it up if u know better, smh. From my knowledge its good to leave alittle leaf to protect the bud and slow the drying to preserve the terps and to protect the trichomes. If u dont like his style dont watch a bunch of people need get off that haterade. Plur brotha keep it green.

  3. I would like to see how you trim cannabis when the sugar leaves are left on while drying. I find it easier to do when they are just harvested, as the leaves are sticking out perpendicular to the flower. Just snip, snip. After they are dry, you really have to get in under the leaf to remove it. I don’t doubt your methods. Clearly, you have some experience. I just would like to see that part of it.

    Thanks for the excellent content!

  4. Hey dude! There are vidz om yt with pictures of buds which looking fucking amazing (round, all the same size, the surface almost flat)…how do they cut their buds like that? Is it a el. Trimme which make them round like eggs or how they that?

  5. Nice video. I’m still kind of confused of how long do you leave the top off and how long do you leave the top on. I did hear 12hrs. Is it every day you leave it for 12 hrs?

  6. "up to 2 weeks"? Nope! Curing takes place even much, much longer like 2 or 3 months or even longer. You probably said "up to two weeks" because this is how it's done in commercial industry but if you wanna get the best possible results: the best smell, taste, slightly stronger weed, smoother smoke… you have to cure at least 1 month. The best curing results you will get after this longer period of time (2-3 months). However you have to remember that curing occurs when humidity inside a closed jar/container is about 55-65%. When humidity drops under 55% curing slow down a lot or even stops.

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