1. The most corrupt people of Texas have hats in the justice system. I live by the prison, and go to the main Criminal Justice college of Texas near by. They make too much money arresting us. Anyone who has a bad reaction to pot had something laced.

  2. I hail from the DFW area where overdoses are high and we need medical marijuana. This would make Texas so much better. Gregg Abbott’s acceptance of big pharmaceutical’s lobbying money over its residents health? That’s not very Christian of him.

  3. 💀😂overdose. I neva seen no1 overdose or heard n ppl who have a bad high from the firt time never buy it again most ppl have a good time high n the only reason ppl have a really bad high is because its illegal or paranoid on there parents finding out or family.

  4. Thank Texas!! For all the people smoking shwag!! And your connection cus he knows dam well his going to get what he pays for!! There is dank weed!! In Texas it always have been!! I don't what the fux y'all talking about 😏 toke toke 😆😆

  5. so you choke hold the income from this product to only three dispensaries? wow do you think we are stupid? Seems like they are more interested in hooking up their rich friends to get into the industry thus not allowing common folk like you or I. Just stop trying to control man and let the world function jesus christ people are fucking ignorant

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