Potential Risks To Marijuana Stocks In Canada For 2018 – Aurora Cannabis / Canopy Growth / WEED POT

In this must see video I go over some potential risks that I see for Canadian Marijuana Stocks in 2018. I encourage all investor’s to consider these ideas. This video is relevant for all investors…


  1. I only watched 5 min of this vid so apologies if you mention it or not, but a huge market is going to be the products that are produced with cannabis – ie. drinks, alcohol (now that LCBO is going to sell), creams, oils etc … this isnt just stoners smoking it, its huge market in terms of the range of products that will come after legalisation. So even now doing dd into comapnies that will produce unique cannabis products is a idea because of the long-term growth. Then the hype will die down in a few years, but now is still your chance 😉

  2. Growing your own weed in the short run might be nice, but its a pretty niche market. At the end of the day its not like growing a chia pet. I think your thesis is short sighted. Additionally a weed store has all kinds of choices from edibles to oils to flowers. Growing your own limits ones options. I could go on…

  3. Truth to power, users are uber ethetical and hate cheaters pumping stocks it seems. Some but no one will stop backyard growing so get out before mid 2018 the old hippies are just waiting I bet to get thier retirement funds. LOL! People will grow it because it looks attractive then the corporate seller are pooched. In penthouse in 80's there were tomatoe closet units being sold.

  4. “Marijuana” it’s called cannabis btw, and the stocks are up over 1000% in a year and 200% in 3 months. This is like telling people not to invest in bitcoin 10 years ago, let alone a year ago

  5. you think MJ is only for smokers! you totally missing the whole pharmaceutical side of it which is going to be the biggest profit maker aspect of it in the future. not to mention the drinking industry. most ppl are lazy and would not grow their own weed. the plants smell and it is very difficult to grow weed. and for people who buy off their friends is also not true becuz I'm smoker my self n I always go to dispensaries to buy quality weed. hemp can be used to make clothes all kinds of cosmetics…. Cannabis is huge and this super plant and its benefits will only get more recognized with time. buy canopy growth support this Canadian company, don't let fucking pharma and American tobacco companies to own this market.

  6. I can grow my own 🍅 as well. Don't see alot of people doing it.
    Weed is not as easy to grow as you might think? You should check out what it takes. Each plant takes months to grow. 4 plants will not produce as much as you say. Montreal has already said no to growing. Renters won't be allowed. Landlords can come in your house/apartment for many reasons.

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