1. theirs a liquor school 2 blocks from my high school…if there was a dispensary 2 or less blocks away from y school and its regulated how is he distance from the school going to make any difference, i dont understand someone enlighten me

  2. It is because of former president Richard Nixon; that the feds views on pot are all screwed up. "War on drugs" says Richard Nixon. Nixon waged war on crooks in the drug trade when Richard Nixon was the biggest crook of all. Nixon had burglaries organized to spy on people, real piece of shit.

  3. okay let's look at the facts provided by the United States government…. according to the CDC alcohol kills 60,000 people each year….. according to the CDC marijuana kills 0 people each year

  4. Most states will never legalize. Fact.
    The ONLY reason rec has passed in most the states that put it on ballot is from non-users who think they will benefit off tax revs they dont have to pay for. If only users voted yes no state would ever pass it because most dont use it.
    Legal rec cannot survive because it is heavily regulated and taxed, the only reason rec is legal in some states is because gov can heavily tax it. If you cant see this fact you are blind. The black market will flourish whether its legal or not.
    Growing it is water and electrical dependent, its the third most water consumable crop known. Water shortages in states like cali will effect prices greatly as well, and indoor grows consume tons of kilowatts, mostly generated from fossil fuel sources.
    Its unsustainable, unrealistic and all the tax revs in the world cant fix those issues.
    Smaller black market grows which are mostly run by everyday regular Americans and Canadians truly control the market, cartels havent had control of high grade weed market in over two decades. The irony is cartels are now heavily investing in the legal market.
    Longterm rec has no chance of survival. Legal should mean one can grow it themselves without regs and taxes, like any other garden crops. Legal should not mean retail only. But again, the ONLY reason it was allowed on some states ballots was so gov can tax it hard, legal rec has almost nothing to do with the right to grow your own freely.
    Feds will never give into legal rec, if they did it would be to federally tax it, and nobody in the industry especially the growers could profit without raising prices significantly. Therefore making the black market even more valuable to itself and being a financial thorn to legal rec industry.
    This is simple economics.

  5. The federal government must act quickly to pass a law that strictly prohibits federal, state, local governments from placing a tax or surcharge on the sale of marijuana to insure that no government can legalize a deadly drug for monetary gains. Alcohol and tobacco are more than enough.

  6. Why are we still fighting This Racist policy! Z originator Henry anslinger lied to the American people use fear tactics to promote his propaganda. So let's stand with a known racist good job America

  7. I didn't realize the US alcohol black market was a multibillion dollar industry. Oh wait it isn't. No one buys from a black market when a good can be purchases affordable, safely, and of a guaranteed quality on the legal market. Legalization will eliminate a 64 BILLION DOLLAR black market within a year of legalization going into effect in the US.

  8. It is not just a slap on the wrist ….its 2 years probation jail time a hearty fine and a mark on a persons permanent record and for many that means good luck getting a job

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