These are my Top 3 Marijuana Stocks for 2018! I chose these 3 as the best marijuana stocks for 2018 because they are the current market leaders at the time of this recording. Canopy Growth,…


  1. Canopy growth is a terrible option for one reason bad managment.
    They've diluted the shares, given themself large kick backs from profits and have zero shares in their own company. This shows they have one thought in mind, to fill their own pockets.

  2. Aurora Cannabis CCO said in an interview about a month or two ago that in 2019 you need to be looking at these MJ companies balance sheets more than anything. That's why I got heavy into MJNA. They have very little debt and their revenue growth is breaking records every month since MJ has been legalized in Canada and the passing of HEMP in the farm act as of late June 2018. Granted MJNA has 3.2 billion shares outstanding but that's the only reason its $0.10 a share. If people would just buy their shares and hang on to them instead of trying to day trade a company that probably shouldn't be day traded. They would without question see amazing returns.

  3. Investors need an immediate answer from the federal government. Either eliminate the federal law against marijuana or enforce the federal law against marijuana. Possible investors have been kept on the fence too long.

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  6. oh yeah Aphria for sure sounds like the best one since they have all the upsides. Also online sales is going to go through the roof! Shopify anyone? they are supposed to be another big hitter with the online cannibis market.

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