The Truth About Cannabis Legalization In Canada – Just Another Liberal Scam

Josh Sigurdson hits the streets at 420 in Winnipeg, Canada to talk to a few people about the truth behind the Liberal Party’s “legalization” of marijuana. Following Justin Trudeau’s promise…


  1. I agree the weed laws aren't great, specially in Ontario. But compared that to the Harper government who put in MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES of 6 months in jail for growing up to 4 plants.

    Harper in his first six years as Prime Minister, police reported more than 405,000 arrests for simple pot possession, a 41 per cent increase.–

    So again yes this liberal government is doing this for tax money and control no doubt, but Conservative government was too far on the other side in my opinion. Hoping people will help persuade this government to ease up and allow more private distribution and sales.

  2. Why did he want to legalize this plant, Marijuana growers have BILLIONS to throw at politicians that can be bought off…he is One. Colorado is suffering under the legalized decision they made a few yrs ago.
    1. The majority of DUI drug arrests involve marijuana and 25 to 40 percent were marijuana alone.
    2. In 2012, 10.47 percent of Colorado youth ages 12 to 17 were considered current marijuana users compared to 7.55 percent nationally. Colorado ranked fourth in the nation, and was 39 percent higher than the national average.
    3. Drug-related student suspensions/expulsions increased 32 percent from school years 2008-09 through 2012-13, the vast majority were for marijuana violations.
    4. In 2012, 26.81 percent of college age students were considered current marijuana users compared to 18.89 percent nationally, which ranks Colorado third in the nation and 42 percent above the national average.
    5. In 2013, 48.4 percent of Denver adult arrestees tested positive for marijuana, which is a 16 percent increase from 2008.
    6. From 2011 through 2013 there was a 57 percent increase in marijuana-related emergency room visits.
    7. Hospitalizations related to marijuana has increased 82 percent since 2008.

  3. also World Alernative Media if you want to seem like a credible UNBIASED source of informational news, you should not do montages of the PM stuttering, like he is not intelligent. It passively aggressively shows your bias by deciding to do it in the first place.

  4. LOL who is this reporter at 420. Totally bush league. Why is he acting like the government is this big evil corporation. They are clear, it will be decriminalized unless you are driving around like a human cannonball, or giving pot to kids. Guess what, you deserve life imprisonment if you kill a family because you wanted to do cannibis and drive. Also why does this reporter keep saying if you have 30 and one half gram, you go to JAIL!!!! lol you'll get a small ticket. This reporter looks like an idiot. Also why does he keep talking about "REAL FREEDOM" like it is required for legalization of pot. Can I run down the road dumping gin on myself yelling at people? NO….. so do we not have "real freedom" with Alcohol. Lets make a video with this guy going to taverns crying about how the evil government is destroying alcohol in the country. OMG fire this reporter already.

  5. how fucking hard is it to follow the rules, don't give kids drugs, you can carry 2 grams over and oz. which no one needs more than that, especially considering you are not allowed to sell it. People are mad they can't sell weed and have to geta job to smoke it now. it's a great thing get ride of these rattty scum dealers.

  6. 1:42 "They don't have to compete against anyone" ?! They are competing against the black/free market & I highly doubt the price will get higher in that aspect. Not gonna watch the rest… this is why you get a dislike. Get your facts straight brah… cheers

  7. Cbc and mclains news keep removing pro cannabis messages on you tube. If there is to be a just society the liberals should end this cencorship and legalize the pot soon . The dinasuar consertative party will fight this to the bitter end . I do not think Trudeau will pull it off. We will have to wait for the old men and women to die from old age first . One more generation but the cheap priced pot is so easy to get now so who is laughing .

  8. Take a stance against recreational marijuana legalization because it continually helps criminal organizations by getting them access to an another supply of recreational marijuana. For example, criminal organizations exploited recreational marijuana legalization by orchestrating and operating in recreational marijuana residential grows and cultivations operations allowed under Amendment 64 according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 4: Page 115). This example out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually helps criminal organizations which increases criminal activity.

  9. Treaudau is a failer in every way to think I voted for that loser 😛 And no one who smokes weed should EVER buy from any government or liqueur control bord. And let them go broke. Find out who is lobbying and manipulation of the market. And then boycott and company involved. And when those company's die and go broke we win 😉 problem is relying on Polatics but it's money that decides. We have the money soooo

  10. I'm sick of people picking apart all the plans for legalization. I agree with the sentiment, but I think people have lost sight. Cannabis has been illegal for 3/4 of a century. I remember when the idea of us ever actually getting legalization was a pie in the sky idea. I think alot of the pushback is from young people who have grown up with medical MJ and don't realize just how far we have come. No their plan is not the best by far, but it is better than what we have, or could have even hoped for 20 years ago. Stop nit picking and take what we can get right now. We can always refine it later.

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