The Future of Legal Pot Under Trump: Marijuana Entrepreneurs Speak Out

We asked entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry to react to conflicting statements coming from Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Sean Spicer. —- Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


  1. if trump really meant what he said about marijuana being legal he would be removing the schedule 1 classification. look at Canada. and marijuana does help fight opioid abuse meanings you can come down without wanting to die. these men are full of lies and double speech and Obama was no better, he had the chance to reduce it from schedule 1 but being the racist he is wanted convictions on black males to continue. and now it will be regulated so heavily that the only ones able to meet certification are corporate giants.

  2. No one in government should be up there spouting off there opinion when there are facts out there. Anyone spreading opinion for their agenda when there are proven facts should be removed instantly.

  3. Shitttttt. All these politicians have big pharma lining their pockets. I live in Oklahoma and you should read about all the shit going on in our state. Politicians only care about one thing and that's money. Our state spoke and they stabbed the people in the back.

  4. Missing from above is the fact that Trump's condition for Sessions is that he take no federal actions against states marijuana laws and choices. IMHO if Sessions violates this he will get the "Your fired" from POTUS Trump.

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  6. Decriminalise not legalise. Corporate cannabis will destroy the culture and they will control and regulate what type of cannabis and they will put a max THC content in place eventually.

  7. I believe President Trump will end the ridiculous prohibition of marijuana!-Forget Jeff Sessions- He came from the William Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger of LIES about marijuana!–May they rot in Hell

  8. The answer is this : The alcohol and paper industry will be put out of business if it becomes legal at the federal level.

    Special interests are paying government to keep it illegal. Plain and simple.

  9. Its not so for about healing we know what it does , its just the world would be so better off if it was legal , they just want money from locking people up with it they dont care what it is criminalizing a natural plant god gave us that helps us develop organs, bones, brain cells, fight with bactteria's and infections it even help people beat cancer , makes you happy and help with mental health and depression, balance metabolism, shit dont nake since no more

  10. Marijuana must be really a very good and valuable thing, since it causes so much controversy despite the fact that no one really succeed in proving it to be bad; and while some have endeavoured to demonize it, they in the process of their research journey found only the evidence to the contrary.

  11. At least it takes like a 90 yr old to actually publicly still have that kind of opinion .literally nobody younger than jeff sessions gives a fuck either way n probably sees the logic in just accepting federal tax $ from what are already an operating billion dollar industry …if its happening u may as well be may $ off it whether you believe its helpful or not & even jeff sessions isnt really crucifying it he just seems to disagree …. i feel bad for him hed prob just crack a giant smile when asked about cannabis if he smoked a big joint

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