Legal Weed Ruined by Attorney General?!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reversing a policy that would allow states the right to grow and sell marijuana legally. □ Follow us on TWITCH!


  1. Millennials have always had drugs… they had them in the womb, they had them in their K-12 schools, they had them in college, and they want them now! To millennials, life would be HELL! without some kind of neurological modulant flowing through their veins. Drugs, drugs, drugs!!

  2. That's another thing as well even though Deb's and kill anybody and it still it based of cannabis it's just a lot people ain't educated on the levels is dab concentrates as more levels actual cannabis with everything said concentrates and edibles are still a federal crime cannabis is not because they can test the levels inflow form but they cannot do it if they transfer to wax because this is how they make it they make it from different strands but having different levels you know you can serve up to life in prison just like a killer if you get caught with concentrates now

  3. The feds are going to realize, there’s no amount of money big pharmaceutical and big alcohol can bribe that would make up for the profit of taxable weed.. fucking dumb assholes.

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  5. Good job guys / As for the fuknuts who are supposedly in charge of regulation, you will never ever stop people smoking grass EVER!

  6. Opiode should be outlawed in america they put you in a mined control and they like that were do they get all that opiode from .It a mine control drug so they can control the people

  7. well pot was one of nixon 1970 for more resource wasn't 47 year enough .it time they get real they test Vioxx for two mth and put on market and how many people died and how many people was put in to bad health because of this drug there thinking to kill us

  8. Jeff Sessions needs to witness first hand the medical benefits of medical cannabis. Take him to a hospital, where a kid has seizures everyday, where they hit themselves every single day, and self harm, and inflict physical wounds on themselves because of a medical condition. Then he needs to be shown that same kid, after they have extract medical cannabis. Medical Cannabis does not have a "high" to it, yet still has the medical benefits. Show him the veterans with PTSD, that get a little bit of relief that has no side effects like the over the counter shit they are prescribed, that makes them hallucinate and see shit, and have all kinds of other side effects. See what his opinion on it is then. There are plenty of forms of medical cannabis that do not have a high, that still have the medical benefits that SAVE FUCKING LIVES.

  9. If only weed didn't smell like fucking ass. lol it's funny how many people I've talked to who think weed smells amazing until they stop smoking it for a while.. Then realize oh ya.. It actually fucking smells like complete shit. Doesn't matter the type, brand, what it's mixed or made with or what's used. They still all smell like fucking ass. If you enjoy smelling like a skunk all day long, so be it. But I don't wanna be smelling your disgusting stink all day long.

  10. The reason behind this is to force the feds to fully legalize cannabis once and for all. The way it's organized now it's absolutely ridiculous. The bankers are desperate to get their paws on all this recreational marijuana profits. As of now the banks cannot touch any proceeds of this multi billion dollar revenue. Trust me these bankers want this money and this is the first step to force the feds to get off their ass and change the law. The same is being done now with daca and dreamers from illegal immigration. Trump is forcing them to change the laws.

  11. Yes! I knew he could do it. Sessions believe or not is a patriot and cares deeply for the country. You will probably ( a lot like Trump ) will thank him later for not ruining this country. And also thanking that Mexico won't be sending their drugs over.

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