How Smoking 30 packs Wrecks Your Lungs ● You Must See This !

I decided to do another small simple test using cotton balls as lungs to determine what the effects of smoking a pack a day for 30 days, that’s 600 cigarettes!! This is not a scientific test…


  1. There's one problem I have with this I've smoked myself did it for a year or so now I've been on a ecig for prob over a year now and don't start arguing with me how ecigs are worsted then cigs cause there not before anyone starts with that bs but back to my point I might of smoked more then that but I'm not having any problems or anything cause ud expect that much tar to do something but then again I've prob got it up by now but the simple thing is ur lungs and a bottle don't quite do the same and tar being in ur throut meh yet again still didn't or haven't had any probs with it so yeh just thought I'd point it out that they work a little different from each other and that I've not had any probs from smoking but by no means should u smoke it is bad for u I'm not saying that smoking doesn't have any impact on u cause it'll bite u in the arse when ur older like it has my dad but then again my dad has other reasons but yeh I see kids maybe about 12 years old smoking whiles walking down the street and nothing gets done I've seen cops go past them as nothing gets done well I live in the uk so that's expected by the cops as they don't want unwanted paper work but yeh u see a kid with a cig in there mouth u tell em to throw that shit away it ain't good for u I've seen an experiment where a 10 year old was going g round asking for a light for a cig and the amount of people that either asked for a cig or lit the cig for the kid is just wrong obviously most people was like hell no u kid shouldn't be touching this then there was another guy that had to speak from one of those speaker things that u why in ur throat I engurage u to go watch it it's really interesting and a little sick and twisted from some people but yeh hope u see why smoking is bad it's not perfect to what ur lungs would look like but it's pretty damn close so either stop now or don't start I started because of stress at school and when my friend went oh so u want one I was like sure why not she asked u sure I was just like yeh see I wanted to try it to see if I'd like it but I did don't be stupid people and don't make bs excuses for not wanting to do it just say no if they call u a pussy and shit like that don't hang out with them there clearly not ur friend but yeh take my word for it I've seen the effects and that to be honest don't even go near an ecig as that could get u addicted to cigs but yeh thx for reading and take my advice

  2. Guys i guess this isnt the truth …. smokers aint smokin 30 packs all together … look you smoke a cigarette and stop a month .. your lungs must have cleaned up all that shit the cigarette did .. or am i wrong please dont talk without a scientific proof or else what youre saying is bullshit

  3. My dad always suffered from lungs problems in the past before he died, it makes me wonder why ppl want to wreck their health for something like this, I totally will never buy or touch a cigarette in my life

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