1. So… What were the ages of the people these lungs were taken from? What were their occupations and where did they live? Why is the 'healthy' lung sliced much more thinly than the other? Is this 'doctor' a pathologist?

    People would be surprised if they actually asked a pathologist if they could identify a smokers lung from a non-smokers…. However, a pathologist would have no problem distinguishing the lungs of a coal miners or foundry workers from those that don't work in these industries.

  2. I smoke, stopped completely once for a year after smoking for about 5 yrs, took about 2-3 months and my lungs felt healthy and strong again. But the cravings we're always there, even after a year. Especially with morning coffee.

  3. i couldn't care less what my organs look like after im done with them i aint trying to live till 100 damn im a smoker never had any of these issues doc says my lungs are healthy tho hes surprised about that fact. and i dont wanna quite its something i like to do i can go a week or more without smoking but i choose not to because i enjoy smoking and i honestly do it out of boredom its my favorite pass time that and a nice bottle of whisky maybe a cigar now and again im comfortable with the way i live my life and have no regrets

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