Plants are coming right along! I talk about harvesting half of a cannabis plant / partial harvest and why I do it. I also of course show all the other plants as well. Things are looking pretty…


  1. Pretty embarrassing… I just counted 14 colas with pet hair on them! 🙁 … LOL! I've got to do a better job guarding my cats from entering my grow room. Who else battles with pet hair on their plants?

  2. Yes, definitely want to see an episode on nutrient feeding. Been having trouble with nute deficiency and came to find out that my ph meter was out of whack. Hopefully the now correct ph in feedings and waterings fixes the issue but I will have to wait and see.

  3. Hey man. Love your informative videos. I was wondering. I'm having trouble keeping my tent at a good relative humidity for flowering and I noticed you have a humidifier in you grow area, do you run it continually or I see you running the timer? Do you mind giving me some insight on your humidifier set up? Thanks man.

  4. That's killer bro
    Love it & great grow bro
    I knocked over my white widow moving Into my house just 2 days ago so no smoke for me over X as & new year but a super grow bro 👍🏾👍🏾

  5. Man you don't gotta ask me what i want to see a video of!! You could make a video about your favourite types of cereal and id still watch it! ( even if it's that raisin bran bull shit) lol everything looks awesome dude! im really impressed with the frost development on that auto though!

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