Ex-Narc teaches How to Pass a Drug Test–2017

As an ex-narcotics agent, I can teach you how to pass a drug test. I passed over two dozens drug tests using these methods. To learn more, read this article I published that teaches how to…


  1. God bless you bro, my children and I have been victims of the CPS as well. The way I see it is, if the good Lord,' Christ Jesus'; gave me free will, to put in my body; what I see fit. Who is man to deny me, such will. The Apostle Paul said, " All things are permitted to me; through the blood of Christ. However, not all things are edifying to the spirit." So what people need to ask is; does this substance edifying my mind, body, and spirit? Well does it? Paul also said, " It is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of him. Just some food for thought. P.S. Love the smile and demeanor.

  2. Don't do anything for five or six day's, drink pomegranate juice this is the best method to date ,this also dextox the liver and cleanse the liver, don't go by this outdated info on this video. 🦂

  3. I have federal probation, and they send ALL UAs into the lab. There's a sign on the wall, where I take UAs, that says adulterrants or tampering methods checked when testing. Can a detoxifier drink show up in a UA ?

  4. Nicotine, is another terrible drug, and responsible for sending folk over the edge , when they are have withdrawals for it , but the Authority are addicted to revenue they get from tobacco, it not illegal '''

  5. Hey everyone, I’ve been a heavy smoker for the last year in a half. I’ve been out of commission for the last month or so and. I have about 30 days befor getting tested to return to work. The plan is to drink lots of water and sweat off weight safely then day of the test detox. Any other tips and suggestions would be very appreciated.

  6. Yea hand warmer didn't work and didn't have the time to flush properly with the drink lost my job anyway plus the detox drink gives you an inconclusive so you'll end up getting retested

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