1. I'm a few weeks away from my first grow. Once I finish grabbing a few more things and doing a little bit more of researching and homework I'll be ready. I've watched majority of your videos and would like to thank you for being informative. I will be subscribing and looking forward to more content.

  2. Straight FIRE per usual NWJ! I'm just about to harvest my first grow. Just started my channel. I owe ya one bud! Thanks for all the great vids… They helped me out a ton!!! Learned so much… Cheers bud!

  3. Nice brother 👊❄❄🌲🌬. It's awesome to see how fat the diameters of the colas get on the smurfettes in the larger pots. I think i have the same pheno as your runt that's killing it. She looks very similar and same smell. Looking great 👍🍻🌲🌬

  4. Looking Amazing as usual North West Jay Ganja Storm Trooper. Keep up the great Amazing work. Grower Love form the Weed Community!🔥

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