CBD Oil Why is this the Best Hemp Oil on the Planet!

Why is the Best Hemp Oil on the Planet! Optimize the Mind & Body PrimeMyBody utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves…


  1. The product you are extolling, claims on it's website that:
    "Our product is a Dietary Supplement and contains hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the mature industrial hemp plant"

    In which case, as the most abundant cannabinoids are found in the flowers and leaves, the stalks and stems used in this product will not be delivering all the potential cannabinoids available from the plant.

    Also by definition, industrial hemp will have low CBD content.

    C02 extraction, though very clean in comparison to some solvents, will, by default, remove many beneficial terpenes from the plant. This is a huge downside of C02 extraction.

  2. There are a few issues here.  First, you don't state who the sample competitor is.  There are all kinds of low grade CBD oil out there.  Second, and alarming is that unlike CTFO CBD oil, yours is not scrutinized under Federal guidelines, in that you have no GMP stamp on your product that I could see anywhere.  CTFO is one of the very few that voluntarily submits itself to the most strict guidelines to receive the coveted GMP stamp on ALL of their products.  As you probably know, the GMP stamp "guarantees" that everything on that label is "EXACTLY" what is in the bottle.  Company claims and very professionally done videos are as worthless as over 67% of all CBD products being sold without the GMP stamp….That's according to the Federal government.  Not CTFO.  I like you too much to see you pushing what may be snake oil.  If you are interested in the true best CBD on the market here's a link.  http://adirondacknaturalchoices.MyCTFOCBD.com

  3. Somewhat sad that it turns into an MLM opportunistic venture. But hey, it’s capitalism I guess. CBD is beneficial. I asked about getting a lot number analysis to investigate any possible toxins (hemp can be susceptible to a specific mold that you DO NOT want to ingest) as well as heavy metal content and…..nothing! Not too sure which company can honestly provide consumers with each and every batch/lot to ensure there are no unsightly things in these products.

  4. So, All chordate life has evolved to utilize signalling bio-lipids that target cellular ligand receptors to maintain homeostasis within the organism= got it

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