California marijuana laws kick in Jan 1, 2018

On January 1, 2018, California becomes the nation’s largest state to offer legal recreational marijuana sales. What you need to know: Map of where you can buy marijuana…


  1. The people dont decide anything in cali. Its all ran by millionare democrats that have ran the state to ruin. Last year cali lost over 500,000 jobs and will be loosing more in 2018. Keep voting dem and watch your life get harder and harder and harder. More homeless, more taxes and more business leave.
    Dems and liberals are a plague on cali.

  2. IMPORTANT!: DRINK DETOXIFY MEGA CLEAN (this shit really works) my employer decided to drug test us all because of this fucking retarded new Law…Be prepared people, watch out for DUIs…use Waze app

  3. This is madness! Marijuana? Insane!… that is a drug and scientifically proven to damage the brain's analytical ability. California is a hub for tech industries! Children of addict parents have shown tumors and poorer mental faculties. You need talent and intellectual people studying there. Teens in particular will be affected! Spreading the drug will be a disaster to both your students and workforce and military. Rethink this.

  4. Legalize marijuana and stop taking more taxes out of peoples pockets… Cali is projected to be making billions within the first year alone so now here comes the orange man today trying to reverse what Obama did to basically give states the power to legalize it without the feds reinforcing these stupid weed laws..

  5. They may had well legalized it in that state, most of the people run around like brainless morons anyways. These people are to stupid to actually figure out that the state is trying to get rich bleeding out folks last dollar & law them out of their rights while keeping their citizens stoned all the time.

  6. Now that the public has been intoxicated and mesmerized by the entertainment industry, social media, luxury toys, etc in order to distract them from the fact that they are being enslaved by the global elite they have added "recreational marijuana" to their list of devices to further dull the minds of Americans.  Why don't they quit using the politically correct term of "recreational marijuana" and call it what it really is which is DOPE, DOPE,DOPE and is meant to make you DOPEY.  So what's next, "recreational crack cocaine", "recreational heroin", "recreational opiates".  Wake up America and stop the slippery slope into oblivion they have you on!!!

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