2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 31 * Bokashi Tips and Tricks for Living Soil

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  1. Loving it was wondering how thoes little ones were blowing up! There definitely a little something to 24 hour cycle 👊 love 315 run two in veg and 9 in flower instead of 4 1000

  2. Aloha Vader! Great video, lovin all the information coming in these dailies on the Bokashi and living soil, also lovin the light trials too, cant wait to see what the chilled Led do. 🙂 Question, why did you not go with the double ended CMH's? Please keep the Video's coming I think I would go into vader withdrawal if you stopped the dailies. 🙂 Congrats on reaching 50K too!

  3. Perfect video for the 2 am shit and dab sesh!!!!!

    Honestly Vader you keep me so motivated!!! gearing up for my 5th breed round. Just for personal use beans. I'm in an f3. Before i found youre vidoes breeding was so much harder. Thanks again!

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